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Sickness Bags

Plane and simple - Motion sickness!

Not everyone enjoys travelling. A good number of travellers suffer from altitude and motion induced sickness. Airplanes, trains, boats or even cars are definitely not places you want to get sick without availability of these bags.

The bags are also ideal for patients in hospitals suffering from nausea. The bags, being poly-coated, stay dry and odourless, making our sickness bags the highest quality in the market.

Quality you can count on!

Best use: Airlines, boats, trains, automobiles, hospitals.
Paper: White poly-coated paper – plain with the words “Air Sickness Bag” or branded with your logo (subject to minimum quantities).
Size: Usually in one standard size but special sizes can be made on request.
1000pcs per bundle.


No.1 Gilgil Road, Industrial

Area, Nairobi Kenya

P.O. Box 18167 - 00500, Nairobi.